Looking Back to Go Forward

I struggle to stay in the present moment. I always have. But especially now,  when data and news and media feel tweaked to yank me into untold futures where fear is the baseline emotion, I find myself daily out of the present moment, most of the time. Not good. Heart beat accelerates, breathing becomes shallow, Read More >

We Are Called

” We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” Anaïs Nin   What calls to you? Where are the places, the people, the projects you want to engage with, impact, alter or learn from? It can feel difficult to move our feet out of a present place we do Read More >

The Space Between

We are living in the perfect time to practice the essential art of pausing before reacting, before committing ourselves to words or actions which may boomerang and knock us smack on the back of the head. The grounds are shifting and we are scrambling for a foothold, a point on a compass to help orient Read More >

Sacred Union

Walls! Nationalism! FOO (Fear Of Other)! Us vs Them! Huh? Have you ever rested your gaze upon the child born from the union of two races? The child born from the union of two nationalities? This child is a thing to behold. Features and skin color so beautiful and unique, adaptability, strength. One can not Read More >