Who we Are

2020Thinking believes that how we think about our future will direct its outcome. How do you see our world today and what are your hopes for the future? By sharing your responses and opinions on topics of global impact, we hope to create an online platform for learning through connection and reflection, moving away from reactivity.

Meet the founders of 2020Thinking:

Lara Measelle – LinkedIn
I started 2020Thinking out of a desire to hit the pause button on moment by moment media in favor of engaging in ongoing conversations across topics which impact us all. My professional background includes posts in marketing research, education and development. For me, the consistent passion across these disciplines is people; understanding what motivates and inspires us. I want 2020Thinking to become the online community for people who want to put energy into considering how to get to a better future. I hope 2020Thinking starts conversations and provides insight into our self and each other.


Bob Ivins – LinkedIn
As an economist, I have analyzed behavioral data generated by consumers for decades – analyzing what has happened. The 2020Thinking project offered an opportunity to ask individuals what they think will happen on big topics impacting all of us. The act of asking is also a forcing function for those interacting with the site to consider if that is what they want to have happen, and if not, decide if they want to participate in potentially changing the outcome.